The village of West Bagborough lies on the
south-west slopes of the Quantock Hills in the
English county of Somerset, some eight miles
from the county town of Taunton.

The village, together with the neighbouring
hamlets of Shopnoller, Triscombe, Seven Ash and Westwood combine to form a  parish, collectively
covered by the name West Bagborough.

With a current population of around 360 the
village can trace its history back to Saxon times.

The origin of the village name is open to some
debate and is thought to either come from the
name "Begas Barrow" (meaning badgers hill) or
from an amalgamation of the family name "Baga" and the
Old English word for hill "beorg", In either case by 1086, when the Doomsday book was compiled, the name had become Bageberge.

The village church, St Pancras stands high above the main village, and allegedly owes this separation to the black death which reduced the population to below one hundred souls in the fourteenth century. In an attempt to rid themselves of this plague the  villagers abandoned the original settlement and re-built, away from the church.

The village today consists of a wide variety of properties, with a wide range of building techniques and ages.
A number of properties have grade 2 listing. Due to
its availability local red sandstone features heavily
in buildings, both ancient and modern. 

Whilst unable to boast the kind of facilities found
in its larger neighbours the village does have a 16th.
Century inn (The Rising Sun). A Village Hall, and a
number of establishments offering accommodation.

The village also has a cricket ground  which plays
host not only to cricket, but also car-boot sales with probably the most scenic location in Somerset!
(click here to view the Cricket Clubs website)

It is perhaps worth noting that, whilst the villages correct title is West Bagborough, it is commonly referred to simply as Bagborough. It is not, however, the only Bagborough in Somerset, with a much smaller hamlet
near to Shepton Mallet sharing the same name. This smaller Bagborough
is not shown on most maps, but is easily found on internet searches as it has one of Somerset's few vineyards/wine producers!
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Popham Hall
Bagborough's 'Village Hall'
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Image. The Quantocks, on English Hills
The Quantocks, On English Hills, a new book by local resident Gary Penny. CLICK HERE to view samples from the book.
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West Bagborough
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The Rising Sun Inn
Set in the picturesque Quantock Hills of Somerset, we offer the friendliest of service, fine local produce and a welcome place to relax.
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The West Bagborough Players.
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THE ‘new’ BAGBOROUGH BULLETIN (or “Baggy Bull” for short) is hitting the doormats of the villagers of West Bagborough round about now.    Thereafter there will be an edition on or around 1st August, 1st November, 1st February and 1st May.

It is jointly funded by the Parochial Church Council and the Parish Council and is intended to keep the community in touch with news and events.  It therefore goes without saying that its lifeblood will be the contributions from you – the villagers!

I am receiving copy any time by phone, Email or letterbox: Sarah Kellam, Argent House, West Bagborough, Taunton, TA4 3EF : 01823 433327

Please let me know, if you live in the Parish of West Bagborough and haven’t received a copy!  Thank you.