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Space out, get in THAT groove

As Slim "G" would say alreety, arooney grab some flim, flam sauce, add some crushed red grapes in a glass - should prime your musical system to input and digest. DIG !

Now, so you ask -what has Colin on a Navajo pony in the middle of Monument Valley got to do with jazz ?

Simple: The people here are "free spirits" in their concept of life.

The latter being the bag that jazz/fusion/blues is hooked into.

Also, I must own up here. I dig the shot.

If you have not been there Monument Valley is off the planet – in your head. Check it out - if you get the chance.

The second LP I bought when I was 12 ,was Dizzy Gillespie "Ol' Man Rebop" HMV DLP 1047.As the great Gershwin standard would say "How About You ?"

File the above under miscellaneous information. This one slipped through the data protection bag. Three cheers !

Now we all feel REALLY blue at times. So, when you are hit by the blues, just remember this :

Seven times the space that measures day and night To mortal men.

He with his horrid crew lay vanquished

Rolling in the fiery gulf, confounded though immortal

John Milton. Paradise Lost

There, those blues are not SO bad now, eh ?

Just a thought:

Life is like a lemon

It has to be squeezed hard

To extract the good juice.

But you're maybe feeling unglued today ? Get stuck together again. Creep into your private Zen place (Yeah, we all have one somewhere, but, the BIG hassle can be finding the door in your head marked PUSH). So you're in there now, but that glue is still dribbling away. OK try this then: take one far out musical moment, enshrined in your mind. Now activate it !That's better now, huh ! One of the MANY in my head is: that incredible gig with Oscar; J.J. & Stan @ the Chicago Opera House, Still floating in the mists of time in October '57 !! The cut ? "Funny Valentine" Getz is light as a floating feather - but his SWING is way out of space - with J.J. playing his bone, in really neat short phrases, then for even more cream on the musical cake, Connie on the traps , driving the rhythm engine to utter perfection. Think I've gone O.T.T. here ? Check it out for yourself & THEN tell me not so!

Oh well..enough rambling, please press on.

Colins 'bit-on-the-side'!
There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse. The exceptions being: Music; Literature; Art: Philosophy.
Whoops - thumb print
OK.That wraps up the coffee ring            
blues..but.....the inky thumb mark ?
Well it wasn't a minder @ the Apple's  big silver birds in the sky shed- getting too heavy with me !
Just a splash firing off my quill.Stupid to the grab the page before it jelled.
Really must hit the altar of Hypnos a mite harder to dig the Land of Nod.

Maybe a "78" with the third take of Bird's "Relaxin' at Camarillo" - you know the one D1071-C  -should be DIALLED up  ? (Ouch! That pun hurts - sorry !)That should give that sleepy God (He's always been a Hip Guy )  a hot buzz.Sure beat's the Hell out of  the usual thigh bone of an ox, eh ?

After thought -the coffee mug ring stain at the top of the page sneaked in, because when it gets to two in the wee small hours and you're doing all this stuff, the eye lids feel kinda gravely. So a caffeine fix is needed ! I plonked my mug down on the page  - so there it is ! If you're into a heavy aesthetics bag, please don't freak out. Keep your cool  ( play some "Bird" or "Rabbit" ).