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However don't let any research information slither into a Discography black hole.Instead send it to my site, which is acting as a clearing house for all to access.

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Fun with Fats
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Fun with Fats
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Discographies in progress:
Stan Tracey
Abdullah Ibrahim

If you need any information on the above – or can add any – please contact:
Steve Didymus:

There is another discography of Abdullah Ibrahim. The latter compiled by Lars Rasmussen.

Discographies by Bob Weir :

1.Buck Clayton. Available from Storyville Publications
2.Helen Merrill.   Available from Names & Numbers Discographical Publications, Reine .Clandestraat 15, 1326 J C Almere, The Netherlands
3.Clifford Brown. Available as above.
4.Teddy Edwards. Available as above.
5.Sammy Price. Available as above.

In preparation:
Ref: Names & Numbers:
1.Leo Wright  (alto)
2.Lucky Thompson  ( tenor )

Bob would be glad to receive any information ref the two above.Or indeed any extra data re those already published.
National Jazz Archive
The National Jazz Archive (click image to visit)
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This Discography Page is dedicated to the memory of my old friends:
Eric Koss:"Jazzer":   Evrard P. Deckers. Discographer.